Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well hey there, guys. I've wanted to start a blog for a while now, but it's been stressing me out. Not even joking. I have a few friends/people I've never met who have great blogs.  They're all relevant, inspiring, witty, and serve as great homework distractions.  I wish I was like that. I wish I thought in humorous jabs, or that I was able to see the deep side of everything currently consuming my whole life, or that I had some inpsiring or breathtaking life story that left all my admirers on the edge of their seats until my next post or that, let's be real, I had time to sit down everyday and put my day's events into a well-written post.  So lately, I've been trying so hard to think of what I'm going to do with "my blog." I mean come on, it has to somehow be different than everyone else's. Spolier: it won't be.  I'm not undertaking some grand road trip, or trying out a crazy hobby, or typing out the ups and downs to being a new mom, or teaching you anything that will be of much use to your existence. Glad we've got that all cleared up.

The thing is, I recently started thinking about how often things go wrong when we try hard.  Many things in life, sure, require intense dedication and persistance day after day.  For example, one of my passions in life is distance running, which y'all will end up hearing more about than you ever wanted. Sorry. So yeah, some things require you giving up every ounce of effort you have within you, and then some. But what about that other, all-too-important category of things that blow up in our face when we try too hard? Like songwriting, humor, flirting, or even a hairstyle ( am I right, girlfran?!). Some of these things are meant to just happen naturally.  You have them or you don't.  You learn them. You improve. But you can't practice doing them. You might have to give them a little nudge, and then watch them take off on their own.  That'll probably be how this lil guy ends up. Sorry if it gets to be boring or irrelevant. I'm just going to work on not trying too hard to make it perfect.

So, yeah... this is the super awk first blog post! What are you even supposed to say at the beginning?! I'm Paige. I'm almost done with my freshman year of college. I've had an average upbringing with some extraordinary episodes. I'm a follower of Christ. I run. I'm awkward.  I've learned a lot in 19 years. I've got a long way to go. And this is me telling you about it all <3

love, p.b.

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  1. loooove it!

    dear readers, this is not the same paige. she's not THAT awk.